Esperienza unica di degustazione di Orvieto classico cantina storica Palazzone

Wine Tasting in Etruscan Grotto

Wine tasting in an ancient Etruscan Grotto near Orvieto on the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Tuscia. An Experience to discover the history of our territory and the Palazzone winery. Today we use the cave to produce excellent white wines

An ancient origin

The chestnut wood on top of the hill hides and preserves the ancient Etruscan cave. The journey through the small path that leads to the Musco Cave guides to the discovery of the past, of the events, traditions and transformations that today represent our identity, which we want to share with activities and experiences!

The history of the cave begins by the fire, when 600 thousand years ago the ancient volcanoes "Vulsini" with their activity generated the rocks where small plateaus surrounded by steep slopes were born. Timeless cities like Orvieto, Pitigliano and Bagnoregio were built here much later.

The Etruscans and the art of wine

We arrive at the period between the ninth and the third century BC, it is time of the Etruscans which introduced in Italy, in particular in the area between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, the cultivation of vines; they used as real cellars some cavities obtained thanks to the malleability of the tuff. Sometimes they developed the caves on three levels: a first level on the surface where the wine-making of the grapes took place, a second level for the fermentation of musts and finally a third and deeper level for the maintenance of wines.

A family history

Our cave has always been there, a witness to what has been a constant in the Orvieto area for millennia, wine.
In the 70s, after the purchase of the farm, we used it as a cellar, for the seasoning of cold cuts and the maintenance of wines for our family; we were children and we were captivated by the charm of this place, symbol of an ancient history!

At the time, wine was organic, eco-sustainable, not by choice but by simple custom.
Same technique for both, white and red wine: the "tina", fermentation with the skins, hand pressing, chestnut barrels (the wood of our woods).
The place was essential; the cave dug into the tuff under the wood, where darkness and humidity were always the same that two thousand years earlier had accompanied some Etruscan warrior to eternal rest

From the Cave the idea of a unique wine: MUSCO

Then everything changed. Modern oenology, quickly, in the time of growth and death of a vine, has upset everything and we forgot stories, tools and customs rooted in the centuries.

With “Musco” we just wanted to put back what we experienced with great luck; we dedicated a piece of the vineyard to it, mixing Procanico, Verdello and Malvasia as was customary in the row, to make a wine with the imprint of the blend nature.
We have used the old hand press that after years is still capable of making the ticking of the gear "sound" and we have fixed the flywheel pump. We found Antonio, a passionate cooper, an artist rather than a craftsman, and together we chose the chestnut boards to reconstruct the barrels.

Then everything was done as it once was, simply following more instinct than technique, more memory than chemistry, more passion than protocol.
“Musco” is not just a wine but the desire to keep alive, with awareness, knowledge and ancient tools, the tale of a timeless story.

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