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The artists of artisan workshops

To enrich your stay with unique experiences, we suggest you visit the local artisan workshops. The products are real works of art and visit the workshops is equivalent to immerse yourself in a world out of time, where craftsmanship becomes art and excellence.

Bottega Conticelli

Stefano Conticelli with genius and refinement creates with natural materials such as leather, wood, jute, wool, iron, real works of art sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Stefano works in close contact with Umbrian nature, in a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.
Eclectic spirit, Stefano Conticelli lives and works in the countryside of Orvieto, in Castel Giorgio. His creative talent has its roots in the family. Aided by a marked dexterity and a deep knowledge of materials, in his workshop he has created, since 2007, collections and original works, in limited edition, with interpretations poised between poetry and play. For
uniqueness and elegance his creations, made strictly by hand, are admired and requested by the most famous entrepreneurs, such as Loro Piana, Monaco Boat Service Riva, Fiat, Zegna, Gruppo Messina, Wannenes, Conceria Pietro Presot, which represent the excellence of the Italian Product in the world.
The Bottega is a place of continuous research and an inner source of resources and inspiration for Stefano Conticelli.

Marino Moretti Art Studio

“Tradition is evolution not reproduction“
This is the philosophy on which Marino Moretti's ceramic production is based.
The works of the ceramicist from Viceno are characterized by an unmistakable style, a fine workmanship with often vibrant colors and subjects in continuous transformation.
Marino opened his first workshop a few steps from the Duomo in 1977. After a series of solo exhibitions in Italy, he exhibited in various cities abroad including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Muscat.
Currently his studio occupies some spaces on the ground floor of the stronghold of Viceno, a 9th century fortification that later became a castle in the 13th that overlooks Orvieto. The complex, one of the oldest in the Orvieto area, is located on the top of a tufaceous spur in a dominant and once strategic position. From here you can enjoy a visit and a spectacular panorama.
In Orvieto, in Piazza del Duomo, it is possible to visit the Studio d’Arte Marino Moretti gallery where his works are exhibited.

You can book for a visit to the Castle and the laboratory, painting and turning demonstrations and real pottery courses.


Massimo and Tiziana were both born and raised in Rome. After completing their studies, they worked in the fields of art and architecture.
They transfer positive energy in who is wearing them, in who is looking at them and in who is touching them. The creative journey begins with an idea that transform and materialize itself through forms that could express it at its best. This distinctive approach to contemporary design allows OROGAMI to merge aesthetics, high-quality craftsmanship and versatility with primordial symbolic value into its collections. The Circle, as the most important symbol of life and vitality of things, is one of the most recurrent forms into OROGAMI artwork.
It is a continuous building research led to empathize the beauty of the material. Through play with light and shadows, full and empty spaces and the chromatic use of gems the desired effect is enhanced. All of this is reached by using technics that have their roots in the traditional and historic ability and skills of the Italian Masters. The result of all of this is a fusion of craftsmanship, thinking and heart. Experience and knowledge of the art is nothing if it is not linked to the soul of the master hands that works on the art piece and it’s result will express its own soul only if a whisper of the master heart will remain with it.

Painting Courses

The paintings by Massimo Chioccia and Olga Tsarkova have the originality of the work carried out by four hands, as skilled pianists: works where the gestures and emotions of informal painting, action painting, with the skill and the refinement of figurative painting; from the large fields of intense color emerge trumpets, saxophones, double basses and the intensity of the faces of the performers, in an electrifying poetic language.
Massimo and Olga organize painting courses for individuals and small groups.

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