At Palazzone we fundamentally adhere to the traditions of winemaking in the Orvieto region. We use modern technology to enhance those traditions and we are passionate about the attention we pay as we turn great grapes into great wine.
Our grapes are picked by hand because this enables us to select only the best fruit to ensure the best quality possible fruit for our wine.
The stalks are removed from the grapes which are then pressed and pumped into open vats for fermentation. During this time the cap is plunged three times a day by hand. A constant temperature is maintained so that the utmost varietal character is retained.
We mature most of our red wine in small oak barrels where the malolactic process takes place. When this is finished we decant and fine the wine and carry out a further quality control before bottling. All bottles are stored in our underground cellars for several months where the constant temperature and absence of light enables them to mature peacefully.   Harvesting of the white grapes is carried out by hand only during the coolest hours and bunches are carefully selected to ensure that we only use those that will preserve their aromatic potential.
Once picked our grapes are taken immediately to the cellar and vinified using modern soft-pressing devices. The musts are rapidly cooled in stainless steel tanks and sediments are removed. The clear musts, inoculated with selected yeasts, start fermenting and a desirable temperature level is maintained by means of a refrigerating system that is fed by our own cool spring water Prior to bottling the wines are decanted and filtered to ensure that no spoilage has occurred and at the same time they are subjected to chemical analysis and tasting to determine quality.
After being bottled several of our wines are aged in bottles for some months during which they are stored in our underground tufa grottoes so as to maintain optimum climatic conditions.